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Social Events


Kids love expressing who they are and Capture’s features allow guests at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah to do exactly that with every photo they take. Capture also lets guests share their photos instantly with all of their friends.


Brainstorming on the office whiteboard is one thing, having employees mark up their photo with Capture is something else entirely. Having Capture at your corporate event is the best way to team build.


What celebration is more fun than a wedding? With Capture, all of your friends and family will have a blast creating unique photos so that they—just like you—will never forget that special day.


A note in a yearbook can’t hold a candle to the personal message that can be shared on a photo of best friends as they prepare to take that next step. It’s also a great way to have a constant reminder of that one, really funny inside joke.


When it comes to birthday party entertainment, Capture is far better than a clown or a magician because it’s something both kids and adults will enjoy.

School Events

Prom, all-night parties, after-proms and field days are some of the events that students look forward to all year long. Capture gives these events that extra bit of fun by letting them create the perfect photo to go along with the perfect night.


There are many moments in life that can be repeated. A quinceañera is not one of them. This once in a lifetime event is sure to be even more special and better remembered when your guests have Capture photos to take home.